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Careful preparations for any floor surface is required for professional installation. Don’t trust just anybody! This is essential for the adhesion of the epoxy and can remove oil stains, fill cracks and seams in the concrete and sand it to a flawless finish. Columbia Epoxy Floor Pros has you covered! Depending on the look you want, you can add metallic mica flakes or color flecks to give the whole thing a beautiful decorative finish. A custom epoxy mixture is applied onto the surface and smoothed out perfectly. For additional durability, a chemical resistant topcoat is added and a careful laying process including epoxy application is carried out. If you need repairs to the masonry prior to resurfacing, we can handle that too. Take the time to get the job done the first time and take it from there. Call Today at (803) 563-6763

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How Long Should I Expect Epoxy Floor In Columbia To Last?

A concrete coating in the basement usually lasts for decades with minimal wear due to very little UV exposure, and low traffic. It can last as long as 20 years or much longer with very little maintenance. When a concrete coating reaches its end of life, refreshing the concrete floor is as easy as applying a new, compatible coating of your choice. With many different colors, finishes, and textures to choose from you have plenty of options. 

An epoxy floor in a home or garage takes a little more traffic but on average a similar life span can be expected. When it comes to commercial buildings, or industrial factories, the life span can very but it’s built to hold up to such traffic. As affordable and durable as it is, It’s vastly outlasts competing floor types as a fraction of the cost. 

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Columbia Epoxy Floor Pros loves to meet with each and every client in person. We believe that face to face conversation and high quality customer service is always important, no what business you’re in. We offer completely free estimates with one of our experts, on your time. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the services we offer and the solutions that are available to you specifically for your floor type, home type, and location. Get a free estimate today by calling us at (803)563-6763

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How Long Have You Been Installing Concrete Coatings?

The licensed contractors at Columbia Epoxy Floor Pros have many years of experience and always stay up to date on new techniques. We’ve been installing high quality epoxy flooring in residential and industrial areas in Columbia. Whether serving private or commercial customers, we rely on our contractors to consistently deliver outstanding results. Columbia is a prosperous city filled with new construction and a million construction companies. It’s important to look to the licensed specialists for top notch results matched with unbeatable pricing. 

Epoxy Flooring

It’s a floor solution that is a highly cost effective liquid floor system that hardens as a perfectly smooth and shinny surface. It also has a high degree of resistance to moisture, heat and traffic, foot or otherwise. Epoxy by definition is a substance that is formed by mixing two reactive substances together to get an altogether different substance. 

It’s quite a versatile material that can be used for many things. This includes object repairs, as a glue for bonding objects together, or in very large quantities, a floor surface.  Epoxy is one of many materials used as a liquid and left to cure to create a floor surface. But it is the only material as durable. In addition to it’s strength, it’s also non-slip. A perfectly smooth shiny surface that appears to be slippery as ice, is actually naturally slip resistant. 

It remains the best option for industrial factories that produce food products or require a sterile environment. It’s impenetrable surfaces completely deflects liquids, bacteria, and dirt build up. It is very easy to keep clean because it can’t collect dust, or oil, or moisture. Polypoxides is the proper term for the epoxy resins used in epoxy flooring. In reaction with hardeners, the liquid form cures into an extremely hard surface. 

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